Singing in the shower is so 2018...

Our choir can’t fit in your shower… but you can fit in our choir!

(unless you have one as big as this picture, in which case get in touch)

And in case you’re wondering why you should consider joining us in 2019…

Why are Brighton Vox members so good looking?

Because they have toned up facial muscles from lots of singing.

Why are Brighton Vox choir members often smiling?

Because singing really does make you feel good

Why don’t choir members snore as loudly as other people?

Because regular singing opens up the airways and nasal cavities.

Why are Brighton Vox singers rarely lonely?

Because the choir is also a fun and sociable group of people

You can always bring your own shower curtain to the free taster session to stand behind if you like…. But we don’t think you’ll need it!

Find out more about the choir here

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Brighton Vox Community Choir

Phoenix Community Centre

2 Phoenix Pl, Brighton BN2 9ND